Thursday, June 24, 2010


Do you have friends, the kind that you are with through everything?

We’ve seen the metamorphosis, shared history. We’ve known each other since we slept in bunks in door rooms, pre-marriage, pre-children, pre-mortgages, pre-moving, pre-doctorates... And now we take time each summer to vacation together. We clear our schedules for some serious relaxing, hiking, playing and eating. And it's something that we look forward to all year.

[Fierce but friendly competitors!]

[Enjoying crazy loud card games... insane amounts of laughter.]

[Welcomed the rain for an excuse to relax more!]

[Our 'eat out' night. This photo is just for David...]

Do you have a similar tradition, vacationing with friends or family?


Ryan and Katie said...

Oh, wouldn't it be nice to be back there? laughing, playing, eating, talking. We are already looking forward to next year!! :)

Elder Family said...

Great pictures, againg I can't tell you how glad I am that david and I (and Noah) came for the time that we could. Thanks to everyone being cool about the little one coming along! We love our vacations with you all! I am already thinking about next year since I volunteered to organize!!

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