Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A needed long weekend...

I am sitting here... cup of iced coffee in hand, on a chilly and rainy MAY morning. It is may, right? I heard from Heather that they are getting a dumping of snow. Kate called it global PMS. Rain isn't snow, I shouldn't complain. But, seriously, I'm wearing long sleeves, wool sweater a scarf...

I digress.


My parents were here for a long weekend, it was so nice to have them here and just live life with them. I took off two days from work and Eric took over cooking. I love it when that happens. Honestly, we were hoping for long walks and picnics. But we had to resort to lots of coffee, book reading, knitting and snuggling (not a bad trade).  My dad and Truman were 'hiding from the FUNDER' in the picture above.

The first evening they were here, we went on a little walk to the grocery store and stopped at our local butcher for supper-- yum. They sell brats from a small stand adjacent to the store front. While in line for my onions and mustard, it started raining-- and continued in fits and starts all weekend.

This weekend good mix of doing nothing and action packed. It was holiday weekend, you know, with all the celebrating of Mothers and um... my birthday. And many cupcakes were had by all.

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