Friday, March 19, 2010

in search of SPRING: March 19

As I'm typing this, there is a inch or two of snow covering all the lawns and trees like a thick coating of powdered sugar. It's a dark morning, and the house is still quiet, so different from yesterday's 60 degrees and sunshine. I'm guessing this weekend's search for spring may be a little more difficult. But this always happens, we ebb and flow back and forth between light snow and sunshine. And that is perfectly fine.

Actually I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with two tastes, beautiful white blankets and glorious lighted afternoons. Nature, if a politician would be seen as wishy-washy. I, if a poititian would be seen the same.

Here are a few images from the week:

[our weather vein a top our barn... yes we still live in town. 
And we have a barn for a second garage... only in Iowa]

[Bright sweet clementines. Are tangerines the same thing?]

[Wilted fresh spinach with fried egg...
a springy quick mommy-meal]

 [a project in motion]

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