Thursday, March 11, 2010

in search of SPRING: March 11

*So they don’t stand still enough to get a good shot of them together (:

Ring by Spring
Last night in the midst of my marathon of laundry folding and America’s Next Top Model watching (I'm a little embaressed to say I actually watched).

I watched my kids run in and out of the room, in several states of dress. They were dressing and redressing. Preparing and moving chairs, toys and stuffed animals.

I asked what was up, and Isabel sing-songed, breathlessly from running around.
“The prince and princess were getting married!”

 Isabel was being a bit of a bossy princess, and Truman a little passive. But she taught him how to dance, “No your hand goes here!” “You have to wear shoes to get married!” “Truman!”

He ran around the house smiling, with no other purpose than to make his ‘princess’ happy. He kept saying, “Mama, I play with Izzo!”

They even stopped to bake ‘cupcakes’-- strawberry muffins. They made perfect post-wedding, pre-bedtime snacks. We sang happy birthday to Auntie Mayme (my sister whose birthday was on Tuesday) since we couldn't be with her this year, living so far away... 

Happy belated birthday and princess wedding to you! 

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