Wednesday, March 24, 2010

corner view:: Typical Architecture

This weeks corner view explores our local architecture, and I live in a little town with a 'dutch front committee.' A group of people who tell you how authentic the facade of your building is. We're trying to portray a picturesque little image here. The town is hard-core about looking like a 'typical' dutch town. We have a tulip festival every year, and businesses are enticed with tax cuts, to put a dutch front on their other wise un-adorned building.

So, I've included one of the park in the middle of town (above), but mostly just what midwestern architecture looks like. Old houses, barns and out buildings. Hope you enjoy.

 [old house, taken about 4 years ago. 
it's now been restored, and painted green]

 [my neighbor's fence, trees and garage]

[century home, a monument in our town]
Photo by Emily Sweet

 [an out building at our friend's farm]

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