Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Corner View:: Coffee Companion

The thing I look forward to on the weekends, is my husband's lattes. I gush about these on a weekly basis, and if you've been fortunate enough to have one. You know what I mean. They are um... the best ever.

This week, I let the kids have a tea party at breakfast. What are good dishes, if not used? Dusty in a cupboard. And though we have dust, I don't want anything to go unused in my house.

And I trust my children to be careful-- and they respect the age and beauty of these old dishes.

They also like the acting grown up part. Even if their latte is just orange juice.

PS. Do you see that sunshine that is slowly making it's way back into our windows? Ahhh, March, I love you. Even if there is two feet of ugly, packed and dirty snow in my front yard. There is hope coming... grass... I know you're under there somewhere.

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