Thursday, January 7, 2010

In everything give thanks...

Well, I had to start off my day with a mantra and it was: Thank you for today.

And that consisted of: I am thankful for this snow. I am thankful for the extra 2 1/2 hours with my kids. Thank you for our crazy dog. Thank you for this warm cup of coffee. Thank you for a car that works. Thank you for a heated house. Thank you for yellow and orange playdoh. Thank you for chickens who are still laying eggs.

Now here's where it gets a little harder:
Thank you for the 50 mile an hour winds. Thank you for almost 3 feet of snow. Thank you for the ice on the road.

But with all that: Thank you for safety.


emily said...

great thank yous. i am thankful for lots of snow--- but just like you--- safety. very important.

Anonymous said...

It is snowing now and I am thankful. Have a great evening.

Tea said...

We hear it's crazy out there...keep warm and well.

Kerry said...

Your last two posts are just sticking with me. I keep reading them. We played the Thank You game at dinner tonight. My son said that there wasn't anything he was thankful for... as we went back through the day he kept saying that's the one thing, that's two things, and so on. We ended it at about 10 things to be thankful for today.
I'm thankful for you Mary!

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