Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Megan.

My little sister, Megan Elise is turning 23 today. I remember the day we got to see her at the hospital, all pink and wrinkly. Mom let us 'big girls' undress her and count her toes. And from then on, she changed our lives.

She's compassionate, passionate and effortlessly stylish. Somehow, she changed out Mother into a animal lover after we all moved out, and in the last few months has learned to cook--well and in themes, we were present (via skype) for vegan taco night-- I'm going to get her to do a write up for DinnerTime, Again? really soon.  Izzo also shares her middle name.

Happy Birthday, Mega.


emily said...

happy birthday sister!! i love sisters. and i love this little ode to yours :)

gardenmama said...

what a beautiful tribute to your sister : ) i love how you wrote about counting her little newborn toes!

emily sweet said...

i would love a recipe for vegan tacos! *eagerly waits for megan to guest post*

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