Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Birthday

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On Monday, Isabel will be 4.

I am not quite sure how this happened. It feels like yesterday she was wrapped up in a pink little blanket, and placed in my arms.

We will be celebrating in little ways all weekend. And preparing for the big day.

We are still carving out birthday traditions, there will be the retelling of the day she was born. A letter written by Eric, and this year, Hello Kitty on her cupcakes.

I found this cake on flickr, and I’m excited to make a creation too. It looks like it's sitting on my kitchen table in the candle light... Cake creating actually one of my favorite parts of birthday celebrating (and eating them to... I don't lie)! Here is her Maisy Cake from last year. Eric will be making cupcakes for her to take to school. Such a lucky little lady.

And a beautiful four year old!


emily said...

what a fun maisy cake! good luck with the creation this year. kinds grow up so fast...

Anonymous said...

What a cute cake. Enjoy making it and may enjoy many happy moments together. Happy Birthday to your sweet little 4 year old. It does go fast doesn't it?

mamaayanna said...

Hope you enjoyed the birthday weekend. Time sure does fly with little ones. Everyone always told us so, but I did not realize how fast it flies when you actually have a child. Wonderful moments , many memories. Enjoy everything to the fullest!

Lilian (mamaayanna)

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