Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Road

We took this drive a few weeks ago, that ended up in a detour, which was muddy and extremely bumpy. I was sure our fate was sealed, we’d be stuck in the mud forever. I sat anxious in the front seat, knuckles turning white as we moved every few feet. All I wanted was to get to the smooth place again, where I could take road conditions for granted. I wanted to settle back into my seat, with a sigh of relief and just let Eric drive. And when we reached the paved road again, I did just that.

 Do you ever feel like you’re driving down a long road, unsure of what’s coming? Where you feel like the drive is unpleasant, unsure and muddy? I do.

At what level do I let go-- settle back for the ride? Follow life as it ebbs and flows?

My goal in life is to listen for the rhythm that is divinely and deeply engrained, to have truth speakers around me, to follow the open doors, to be ok with the closed ones. When my goal gets derailed and I turn to other things to set the pace, when I don’t listen to the calling in my heart, I feel frazzled and like I’ve lost my way.

A good friend gave hope last night, “do you make your decisions based on what other people think of you or what is best for your family?” See she’s got my best interests in mind— I know that God shows up in the voices of friends.


Nancy said...

that is the trick, isn't it--following the ebbs and flows. because we know they will always be there. being okay with that. so much easier said than done!

Anonymous said...

Very good message. I love it and have learned to live by it--do what is best for you and your family. Have a great day! Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mary! Wanted to let you know I love the blog and love getting a bit of the OC now that we're far away! Do you sell on Etsy? I'd love to buy some of the fabric coffee sleeves - they are great!

Tell the family "hi" from us - Sara James


Heather said...

Wow, this really spoke right to me. I have not been as good at allowing the rhythm of my life to unfold, and I tend to make life harder by often swimming against the current.

Thanks for the beautiful reminder

emily said...

A good friend gave hope last night, “do you make your decisions based on what other people think of you or what is best for your family?

that's a hard one. sometimes i am really concerned about other people when really it isn't their business. *sigh*
thanks for this.

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