Tuesday, August 4, 2009

O My Peach Pie...

This week has been filled with deliciousness. I love the part of summer where you work like crazy to have food for winter. So far this week we’ve IQF (individiually quick frozen--more on this tomorrow) some carrots, sliced for soup and grated for cake, bread, more soup and whatever else. We’ve canned beans and ate our filling of cabbage and potatoes.

And then we found them. This is the week I wait for all summer. When the boxes arrive.

Boxes of peaches to be exact. The flats get stacked up high in the local grocery shop, waiting for people to come and can them. The buzz starts around town ‘the peaches are in.’

So, I succumbed and now we have a flat and a half of peaches frozen. Some in a pie and others on the counter just waiting to be turned into jam. (I will give a detailed on how we froze and processed peaches along with IQF tomorrow).

The intention was just to peel, pit and dice the peaches for freezing. Izzo was the designated peach peeler. And then Izzo says “We should make pie. I love peach pie!” But she goes on to say “I don’t like apple pie, I don’t like the ingredients, just apples alone.”

Did I know the word ingredients at three?

We pulled out two freezer pie crusts, and Jayne’s recipe for “Crumbly Topping.” We scooped the lightly sugared peaches (with a tad bit of corn starch for thickening) into the pie crust, then generously sprinkled with the cinnonmon/brown sugar goodness. And that friends, is how you make 10 minute pie. In the oven for 25 minutes and it’s delicious.

This I believe: there will be copious amounts of peach pie in heaven, and good coffee.

I’m so glad that I could have slice of pie and a cup of coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner today if I wanted to. And I want to.


Emily said...

I agree with your idea of heaven!!! That pie looks amazing. Enjoy a slice or two for me :)

emily said...

looks too yummy!

gardenmama said...

I love so much what you wrote about "I love the part of summer where you work like crazy to have food for winter" perfectly written, a favorite part of summer for me indeed! hmm I can't say that I did know the word ingredients at three... ; ) And finally the peaches, ahhh the peaches really just who can pass up all of their goodness?

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