Monday, July 13, 2009

Empanadas and And List of Goodness

It’s been an empanada weekend.

I recounted my grandmother’s recipe for empanada filling to my twin sister yesterday. Swinging back and forth in a Sioux Falls park giving the ackward but delicious ingredients into my cell phone. "Beef, eggs (Do you know how to boil them?), carrots, onions, olives." Asking, “Are you going to use raisins?” She made a smashing batch of savory meat pies, and I had just made two sweet recipes.

Plum Apricot and Strawberry Rhubarb. O my they were good.

Just a basic filling, fruit, a sprinkle of corn starch, cinnamon, sugar. Stirred up. Made the dough from Baked, cut into 4 inch rounds, filled with fruit mixture, brushed with beaten eggs and finished with sugar. I baked them in a 350 oven till golden brown. It was my first attempt at the sweet variety, but I think they turned out very well. Next time I'm going to try a more flaky crust. Any suggestions?

They went really well at the Farmer’s Market (at which I called them turnovers— as to not confuse the locals, and spare me from explanations). I will be making these next week but in a tiny form. Bite sized loveliness.

Other things that were lovely this weekend:

Friday night watching old friends play new songs via live video feed.

A few glasses of wine with Megan.

Picnic of pizza and cheese-its at the park.

Naps in the afternoon.

Late night facials.

Movie watching.

Homemade sangria and fresh zucchini with pasta.

”nuggling” (snuggling) on the couch with Truman.

Riding bikes.

Walking Lucy.

Eric’s famous latte’s and eggs for Sunday morning breakfast.

Playing at the pool.
What is your list of goodness for today?

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