Friday, July 17, 2009

Crafting with Kids

A post about prayer flags on the crafty crow got me thinking about kids and crafts.

This craft has a real purpose, to put a visual representation of a prayer on a piece of cloth and hang it in the wind, much like a Tibetan prayer flag. A tangible way for kids to experience what prayer is. And this gives a great opportunity to open the conversation or just field questions about prayer.

Family collaborative collage
is another great activity, to get dirty laugh together and foster communication too.

Flower printing would be a great way to get your little people thinking about nature, botany, environmental science. You could explain all the parts of a flower. That would be so fun! Or make a flower/leaf identification chart for their room, after nature walks, see what you have in your basket!

The family and I are off for an extremely quick trip to California (28 hours to be exact). Until then, I'd love to hear some crafts that you're working on right now!

From our facebook page here are a few comments people made when asked about their childhood summers:

"1) lemonade stand 2) slip and slide 3) pitching the tent in the back yard and camping out at home or just using it during the day to play in"

"sprinklers/hose in the yard or making Popsicles/ice cubes with treasures in them."

"Making forts in the back yard - they usually involved the sprinkler at some point, bike riding, playing in the sand box, filling the sand box up with water and pretending it was a filling the canoe up with water an pretending it was a pool...We loved to swim...LOL!"

Photo from future craft collective.


Aimée Folse said...

Mary, that is such a great idea. I love those so much. Hope all is well.

our little love nest said...

What a cute post. I loved building tee pees with our cousins on their farm in the woods and the ice cream truck with its happy music that is so annoying now as a grown up. (because it means for 4 kids and 2 grown ups you will be spending about 20 dollars...ack) Kid memories of summer are so much fun! xo

Angela said...

great idea! thanks for reminding me to get back to reading the Crafty Crow, too!

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