Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Magazine Update

I’m sure you’ll remember when I lamented over the demise of some of my favorite magazines. Rest in Peace, Domino.

But, necessity is indeed the mother of inventive searching. I went looking for some new things to read, new ideas to generate.

I stumbled upon N.E.E.T. Magazine years ago, and I loved the idea of a magazine, with no printing involved.

At the time, I was a magazine designer, but with lake pictures, text, grid-guides and color guidelines to strictly adhere to. It ruined my traditional magazine reading— ask my husband— I used to point out every mis-spaced text, misspelled words and missed dropshadow-ed photo (that isn’t a word I just made it up). In my pursuit of something I could read without getting nauseous, I looked for simple clean designs, where the line between ad and content is slightly blurred— not clearly marked as I was taught to design.

These magazines have made the cut, and they are digital. Awesome. They are simple, have wonderful ideas and they take magazine design to a whole new level. I like that. I haven’t subscribed to the paid ones yet, but the plan is that soon, I will.

So some of them cost money. And some of them are free. Some are for parenting, some for design and some for where those two intersect.


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