Thursday, June 11, 2009

From the Library Bag: Hungry Monkey

While on our trip, I brought a few books and magazines. I really only got to read one book. But this was the book that encompasses everything I’ve been thinking lately— getting my kids to eat: nutritious and delightful meals for all in our house. 

I heard about Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton while listening to an NPR broadcast on Thursday. Friday, when dropping off books at the library, I saw it sitting on the front shelf (Can I just say... Go small town library!). I grabbed it up and was finished with it by Monday.

In this memoir style cookbook, Matthew Amster-Burton chronicles from breast feeding to toddler-hood from his own experience with his daughter, Iris. How many guys can say they’ve written a whole chapter on breast feeding? He has a witty and conversation-like writing style make for easy, intellectual reading. Matthew is a food writer, so he has the background and has a kid— just the person I want to hear from about what to make for dinner, no cream-of-mushroom soup in sight. And dispels the parenting magazine advice plus deep seeded guilt about feeding our children. Finally. I am not doomed to a lifetime of blue boxed macaroni.

He gives practical advice and great recipes, that I’d eat too. I am going to definitely try some of the recipes, like these two from NPR (scroll down after the article). O, and here's his blog...

Can you tell that I highly recommend this book? I do.


lmullock said...

I love that cover, so clever!

mlle noelle said...

Hi there! Just found this post through the Hungry Monkey website... I just hosted an online book discussion of the book here:

I'd love it if you stopped by and put in your two cents on our discussion questions! Also am linking to your post on my "book club" page under "related links". :)


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