Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I am up to...

Instead of blogging here’s what I’ve been doing:

Making and eating chocolate chip pancakes.

Watching the apple tree begin to bloom.

Watch chickens waddle as Eric makes a new coop.

Preparing for the Tulip Festival. I was part of joint project with my beloved Grandma Bonnie. A little designing and printing of placecards. They turned out quite nice. I'll post a photo soon.

Playing outside

Sewing and screen printing. This delicate pink linen bag was for a friend at work, her 30 year anniversary.

Making some wine labels...

Picking up TAMMY! She is back here for graduation and we are very glad to have her back ‘home’. Even if she’s only here a week.

Designing a blog...

It was my birthday this mother’s day. And even though I don’t like a big deal made about my birthday, I do like when I feel known.

This birthday I felt very spoiled. My little family got me a lensbaby. O my goodness I love it. Watch for me at the festival with my camera-- its charging on the counter.

Missy sent an amazing gift box for me full of wonderful trinkets, books, scents and a pair of TOMS have you seen these. Missy got me the vegan variety. O goodness!

Cute and conscious. Ooo and comfy too.

I hope you’re doing as well as I am... I’m hoping for some slow time, but I’m glad I actually like what I’ve been up to!


Channon said...

I'm fascinated by the lensbaby. Thanks for the link and the idea. Hope you had a happy multi-reason-to-celebrate day. My mother's birthday is May 7, and it seems to me that one year, her birthday and Mother's Day were the same weekend.

Jim Ellis said...

you have chickens?

that is awesome!!!

i live in sioux city, and want to get chickens.

how did you find out whether your town would allow to have chickens, or do you live on a farm?

i have been reading the book "urban homesteading" and have been intrigued by being self sufficient...

would you suggest getting chickens? are they more work than they are worth?

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