Friday, March 6, 2009

G r e e n W e e k: Day 4

Green Pants, originally uploaded by TheYellowDoorPaperie.

A little bit of green in the high chair.

I love these little jammie pants on Truman and Izzo calls these slippers Buzzer Luzzer (Buzz LIghtyear).

A few places at work where I saw green this week...Green at Work by you.Green At Work by you.

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leesha_rae said...

YEAY! That's my wedding foil wrapper...and my GREEN thank you card peeking in from the side :)

Tammy said...

LOVE the green in the high chair...and the pics up in your office that I took :)

Anonymous said...

Just popped over for a peek to see if you had any new posts... yes, I know, adding your feed would tell me that instantly, I'll get around to subscribing eventually. Anyways, I wanted to add you to my "links" and needed to make sure I had the URL and blog title correct. :)
Hope you're having a great weekend.

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