Tuesday, March 3, 2009

G r e e n W e e k : Day 2

A few weeks ago, I was very much seeped in the February Doldrums and feeling very sorry for my creative soul. How was it, that I didn’t get to journal, read, paint, sew, draw.... and on and on, quite a long list developed. Woe as me, I have two kids, a house, a job. All things that are ‘true’ but are a little blown out of proportion.

So I started to pray. Kind of a weird request but, ‘God show creativity around me.’ My prayers are basic, most of the time-- I can handle basic much better than a mouthful of to-be verbs I don’t use any other time of my day.

Then I started to notice, just little glimpses in my funk.
  • The imaginative stories that are woven and played out in my house.
  • The blankets being knitted for a few minutes.
  • New games created— like jumping and squealing on squares of fabric with a friend.
  • Collaborating on someone else’s redecorating project--- via phone while my kids we’re fighting over whose turn it was to poop on the Elmo potty. It was quite funny.
  • Baking cut-out cookies for a stuffed cat, Leo. While frosting, Isabel said “Mom, you are such a great mom.” Then asked “How do you do it?” Wow. Floored.
  • And then there was painting, with Truman and Hello Kitty, Curious George.
  • And painting with Isabel. Her paintings were of sunrise and sunset (see above).

So creativity as a parent looks different then it did when I was a college student with time to “create.” I don’t even know if I’m affecting they’re inborn creativity but, now my only goal is to have the tools and facilitate the discovering.

Perhaps, I should not feel sorry for my depleted creative soul— but be energized at the opportunity to view the world through two mindful and creative beings.

I am privileged to be their mom.

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