Friday, February 27, 2009

Yogurt Tester

Yogurt Tester by you.

With official pronouncement from the yogurt tester, we can now call it good.

I made the recipe from A Year of Crockpotting. But I did change a few things. Since we can't get organic plain yogurt in town. I used vanilla pro-biotic Keifer. And since we can't get organic pasteurized/non-homogenized milk in town either. We bought milk from The Burbach's Countryside Dairy and it is lightly pasteurized not ultra like your bulk-jug milk.

I followed all the directions and in the morning we had a half gallon of our own homemade yogurt. That was an awesome feeling! Now I can use this yogurt as a starter for my next batch.


Do you love mail??

I do this is what I got in the mail today:
IMG_1758 by you.
TOAST and our seeds for our garden from Seed Savers!
IMG_1756 by you.
After the kids went to be I alternated between TOAST, reading The Hummingbird's Daughter and knitting a baby blanket for a friend.

What a nice evening!

Here's some more Truman painting pictures:IMG_1749 by you.IMG_1747 by you.


Erin said...

love that adorable little artist!

smariek said...

Dontcha just love how their art evolves over time?

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