Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentines day and the Plain White T's

I just couldn't wait to share this video with all of you! My friend Taylor and his girlfriend, Hyun-Ee are in the Plain White T's Video! They took a trip to Chicago in December and though we missed them on New Years Eve, they got to be in this video!

Isabel and I have been talking about Valentines day and what it means. I said it was a day all about love. So we do things for people we love. I started knitting a skirt for our favorite doggie friend Lupe, because I love her. We make Valentines for people because we love them. We sing songs about love... I got stuck after three and two of the three are songs Grandma used to sing to us. Do you have any good suggestions for valentines songs or kids songs about love? We’re not super into top 40 around this house.


andrea said...

You're my honey-bunch
sugar plum
You're my sweetie pie
You're my cuppie cake
shnookum shnookum shnore
the apple of my eye!

maria can sing it for you if you don't know the tune. :)

LOVE the PWT song and video. thanks!

Emily said...

I love the video! How fun that your friends are in it! Miss you.

Kate said...

You knit? I had no idea! me too! :) I don't know any valentine's seems that V-day is in short supply compared to the other holidays. --Kate Sawatsky (used to be Schultz)

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