Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Building a beach

Sitting Together, originally uploaded by TheYellowDoorPaperie.

So what do you do when it's -8 degrees outside and your staring a blizzard in the face? Do what all transplanted Californian's do.

Build your own beach. Isabel amazing at this. Right, Grandma Bonnie? She even got Truman involved.

Building a beach. by you.

She used sand colored and water colored blankets and then directed me to lay out our beach towels just so. We turned on the over head light in the living room. Put on our sunglasses and there, we have a beach.

Building a beach by you.

We watch Barney at the Beach. Yeah, I am not partiularly fond of the big purple guy but, what's a mom to do with two stir crazy toddlers?

I did say no to swimsuits. That's just wrong. When the house is 64 there is no need to even have the idea.

I did have this lovely daydream about margaritas and 90 degree day on a beach in Mexico somewhere... Ahhhh.

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Braveheart said...

Cute! I love that imginations are still alive!

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