Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Evening

Tonight, was very sweet. Isabel and I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, our favorite hot chocolate and while Izzo played with the counting jar I continued working on my stocking for Truman.

Our conversations were, like always scattered but informative. 'Mommy, can't I go see the mouse movie right now?" I had to explain that no, The Tale of Despereux comes out in theaters first, then into the movie store-- I gave a much longer and wordier explanation.

Her response to my tirade about movie theaters, "So I have to go to the Big, Dark Movie, like I went with to Meggie, and then they feed the movies in the store by the park like dinner. And I can buy a movie after the park when its sunny....." I don't know how well my explanation was absorbed.

I do love how everything in our house comes back to dinner.

Hope you have a wonderful evening for yourself.

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