Friday, October 17, 2008

The More We Get Together The Happier We'll Be...

Raffi, remember him?

Quite spirited, folksy children’s singer?

We’ve rediscovered him at my house thanks to youtube. We were really excited to see the whole young children’s concert (in 8 or 9 parts)! O it brings back memories. Especially the songs, I can sing every word to every one. So crazy.

The best part, no gimicks, no purple dinosaur costume, no moral to the story... Just let the words, actions and children’s hearts lead the concert.

I’ve also poked around to find out what he is doing now, an peaceful activist for children and the future of their world, he is a man after my own heart.

So here’s the first part of the concert.

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Thimbleina said...

We have the Baby Beluga CD my kids absolutely love it and have specific favourites on it that they want to fast forward to.

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