Monday, September 15, 2008

Whole Grain Bread

{No picture... it didn't stick around long enough}

You’ve never had bread like this… unless you hand grind your own wheat berries (no motors just muscle-power here friends) or you know someone who does. We met the most lovely family at the Orange City Farmer’s Market who bakes this amazing Sourdough bread from a long-standing starter made with organic, fresh ground whole wheat and other grains. I think I’m in love with this loaf of bread. AND to top it all off they have a bread delivery service. I could bake my own bread, but I could it can never touch the wheat flavor.

How is appeared in my house in the last 2 days:
Smothered with Cranberry Jalapeño Pepper Jelly
An accompaniment to chicken tortellini Soup
Thin sliced crostini served with bruchetta and chicken/pesto dip
Thick toast with sharp cheddar and poached eggs… and a touch of salt

Yum… the more details I get about this bread, the more I’ll share (details not bread… you’ve got to order your own)!

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henny said...

Thanks for the pancake recipe! I'll try next weekend...

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