Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A less cluttered life…

If you stepped into my house right now you would find all of the common rooms in the house in a liveable degree of disarray but the full scale clutter in which we used to live has been significantly reduced.
The reason? I take an extra few minutes of my day to pick up toys when I walk in the door in the evening. I clean up the bathroom while I’m in there. I clear off the kitchen table (and not just stuff the papers into some other cubby hole).

The kids art cupboard now has two accordion file folders from a big box store (one of which I’m remotely ashamed to say I still frequent). One file is for paper all the loose scratch paper, some loved coloring books, construction paper and those little pads of printed paper that show up. The other is for projects, paintings, pages colored and pulled from coloring books. I still have a closeline that I keep all their projects up with.

All of these little changes are for what I’m calling Clutter Rehab. 28 days to set a habit—lets get to it!

So join me! Let me know if you’ve cleaned out a drawer, a closet, or just like me kept the clutter at bay.


Shelly G and Hope P said...

Hope is going to be gone for almost a week... and I am going to go on a full scale clutter assault. I hope it will be a huge success... If I am brave... I might even take pictures :)~

Shelly G and Hope P said...

Update: I have had a huge success... I even posted a picture... I was brave :)~

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