Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Great Grains

101 cookbooks is on my daily inspiration list. I found this lovely recipe for a grain hot cereal. I’m hoping that my kids will love this. If I have time, I’ll try it this weekend and let you know.

I am also going to give Amy Karol’s rice cooking recipe too. O to have rice ready for dinner and not have to buy it pre-packaged full of chemicals and salt.

Speaking of grains:

Thanks to designmom for this link to Grosgrain. She sews all of these adorable projects and then gives them away. Amazing, I want to be her friend. Idea generator!

Finally in the grains I was discussing bran muffins with my beloved friend, Ann this morning and thought I’d post farmgirlfare's beautiful idea to eat bran muffins everyday forever.


henny said...

Hi, I just pop up from the Happy Hut. Nice blog...
Lucky you, if you can have your own mini studio. I'll wait for the picture of it. Because I only have a table and rack to put all together my things for doing creative projects (I like do something with paper, too, but never been showed to my blog). You can imagine what it's like..not so good, somettimes full of clutter:(

Thimbleina said...

Great link to the 101 cookbooks I think I might use that regularly

Shelly G and Hope P said...

I love that way of making rice when Amy Karol first shared it I made a copy of it and placed it in my make often binder... it is wonderful :)

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