Monday, August 11, 2008

Breads and Baked Goods

In finding new and delicious recipes, for the farmers market, I've come across so many good prospects.

Using seasonal and locally raised ingredients is a must. Here are a few yummy recipes that I love!

You know by now how much I love Amanda Blake Soule. Here is a link to her WHO bread recipe. I use the breadmaker version all the time. I do have to change the recipe slightly because the breadmaker overflows otherwise.
Note: I share joint custody of the breadmaker with friend, fellow crafter and the fabulous caretaker of my children, AimeƩ. More she shares custody with me.
Zucchini is overflowing here in Iowa, friends and neighbors are offering these up by the armload. This is a lovely bread recipe that even my kids will eat.

Anadama bread is something I'd love to try to make I heard about it on a pod-cast of The Splendid Table. I subscribe to the pod-casts so I have something to look forward to on Mondays when I get to work.
I work designing eStores at the largest office supply retailer. Wish I could tell you where I work... but then this is considered press. I'm not even allowed to talk to myself about where I work...

Have a lovely week! Even though I have a severe case of the Mondays... this post during lunchtime made the day much more enjoyable!

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Thimbleina said...

You have made me feel hungry with all that talk of bread

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