Thursday, July 31, 2008

My So-Called Creative Life

Lately I’ve been posting the most adorable pictures of my children… parties, pirates and pink wellies, but I have neglected to share the creative/crafty things I’ve been up to.

I have been working on a few creative projects: in addition to new bread and foccia recipies, I took a few moments to crochet a lovely green hat for Isabel, I’m going to recycle a shrunken wool sweater into flowers for Izzo’s hat and mittens for both kids. I’ve decided… no more buying winter gear that will inevitably get lost.

My solution to the lost gloves? Every homemade pair is getting attached by a string. I know, mothers have been doing this for years but it was finally a revelation for me… sometimes I’m a little slow.

I am also embroidering a few onsies, blankets and making felt booties for a friend’s new baby! Isabel would like to learn how to sew—taking cues from Amanda Blake Soule I decided to make her sewing cards in the same pattern that I embroidering.

Chicken update: they are lovely and a seem to be happy… always escaping into the garden. However, no eggs yet! Any suggestions?

Eric got a 1940’s shake machine for his birthday from my parents. And it arrived in the mail two days ago. This weekend homemade ice cream and milk shakes. I might try my hand at making some mozzarella and chevre cheese too! A dairy weekend.

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