Tuesday, June 24, 2008

O What a Beautiful Morning

This was one of those Saturday mornings that you hope would happen daily. Izzo woke me up to ask to go on a walk. "Mommy, we need a girls walk. Shhhh... the boy's are still sleeping." (I find it humerous that it was just fine to wake ME up but the boys we needed to leave sleeping.

Instead of giving her cereal and popping in the customary Saturday morning Barney video, I pulled myself out of bed and into my running shoes.

The day was bright and clear, the kind of lighting any painter asks for. It was warm, but had such a crisp early morning breeze.

We skipped, hopped, jumped and danced all the way down to the bakery to find it was closed.

Then we skipped, hopped, jumped and danced to the grocery store for some donuts.

I carried the tired dancer home with me.


Later in the day Truman clapped and talked while Eric fed the chickens.

Here are four gorgeous hens and one studly rooster.

Tada I'm A Princess, the bantam on the far right, was appropriately titled. She knows she's special.

More chicken photos to follow and many more anecdotes... not enough hours in the day!

1 comment:

Thimbleina said...

I'm so jealous I would love some chickens like that but unfortunately we can't in our garden

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