Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mud puddles, birthday cakes and tulips

"Mom, can we put on our rain boots and go on a birthday adventure?"

As we pulled on our wellies, I grabbed a camera and we headed out the door on a rare, perfectly placed afternoon: Truman was sleeping, friend Tammy was snoozing on the couch.

Izzo and I headed outside to visit the chickens, admire the tulips and enjoy just being together.
I'd love to say that this lasted for hours but as soon as it had begun, Izzo fell and scraped her knees. Aplogizing to me for needing to go home.
Once home, we did snuggle for an hour watching Barney.


Later in the evening, a few treasured girlfriends came over for some amazing pizza, lovely red wine and homemade cupcakes. We even had it delivered (thanks Aaron!).

Isabel helped make the cupcakes. I say that like we didn't use a boxed mix (which Emily so graciously bought at the grocery): Isabel did add about half a bottle of red sprinkles which I believe made them taste extra special.

It was the perfect birthday.

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Jenny said...

Hi Mary, this is your neighbor, Jenny, from down the street! Strangely enough, I found your blog because you commented on the Design Mom blog and I LOVE reading that blog too! I recognized the Yellow Door Paperie and figured it was you! Small world;) Those are some sweet pictures of little Isabel. I'm looking forward to reading your blog more! Jenny Vogel

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