Monday, March 10, 2008

Yellow Hands Make Light Work

Ah yes... remodeling. It is a pain to do, but when done and done correctly, it has a way of lifting the whole house to a new level. Right?
Well to say the least my daughter has become a new painter. Two and a half almost, armed with a wide brush wanting to "paint yellow too!" I have discovered two new (and might I add ingenious) ways of redirecting her advances toward the very exposed yellow gloppy goodness that, if gone unattended for half a second could be the new color of my very neutral non-school-bus-yellow carpet.
Plan one. Two cups one paintbrush. One cup filled with a small film of blue dish soap. The other cup- water. It worked, for an evening... but it did work.
Plan two. Washable finger paint in a strikingly similar shade of yellow. Sitting in a high chair and brown paper. I am a genius. Well until tomorrow.
At any rate I took about twenty pictures of her gorgeous hands after Plan Two!

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