Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Glorious Spring Day

Today was the kind of day that you file into memory. One of those happy days, where the sunshines a midst the melting snow.

We bundle up, pack up and on our way out of the garage. Izzo says "Hello Sun, what a bright sunny day." Now I know that this is partly from a Barney episode... but the sentiment was all too fitting.

We walked down the street to the park with her singing all the way. And waving to every person, dog or tree. Truman was sitting in the front of the stroller cooing and taking the day in.
It was gorgeous.

Truman had his first baby swing experience and loved it!

We pick up "Grandma Bonnie" along the way. She ran around after Izzo while Truman and I lagged behind.

Swinging together!

Isabel was just exstatic that she could be back in the park. On the way home she kept saying, "no mud puddles!"

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys it's the Hulsteins. Oh My Gosh Truman is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute in the swing. so does Izzo! I didn't know you did embroidery.
Keep poasting more cute pictures!

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